-Can Pro ', (2 awards),” Best documentary” and “Best of the Festival”, "THE LAST STREETFIGHTER”, The History of the Georgia Straight", VTV & CTV Network, Canada

-The Webster Awards, Certificate of Merit, "THE LAST STREETFIGHTER", VTV Television, Vancouver, CTV Network, Canada

-Canadian Mining and Metallurgy Association Awards, Honorable mention, "RED DOG MINE", CBC Television, Vancouver

-Anik Award, "BILL REID-MYTHICAL ICONS", Best Information Series, 'Pacific Report', CBC Television, Vancouver

-New York Festival Award, Bronze Medal, Best Children's Special, "10 CARROT DIAMOND", Philmer Productions/CBC Television, Vancouver

-Anik Award, "GLITTER OR GOLD?", Best Information Series, 'Pacific Report', CBC Television, Vancouver

-7th Annual B'nai Brith Media Human Rights Award, "APPREHENSIONS", Aboriginal kids should be in Aboriginal homes, 'Pacific Report', CBC Television, Vancouver


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Welcome to my video blog, not filled with my tiresome musings, but hopefully resplendant with creative television programs and other visual detritus.

I am a Television Producer/Director/Writer by trade. 1967-Present.

The blog will have thoughtful, insightful, superbly crafted, award-winning motion pictures, devoted to humour and information, presented in an entertaining manner.


It will also contain some home movies shot between 1969 and the present, as well as a few television programs that I have produced and directed over the years.

I have done about 2137 documentaries, TV series and episodes since 1967; most of them I don't have copies of, as I didn't, and still don't, own them.

I mostly worked for networks and production companies in Canada.
Before 1985 much of it was shot on film, before we had home video to record them off air.

In 1973, I interviewed 2 veterans of the Boer War, 1899-1902.

After the film had been on the air, the network, CTV, threw the film away!

This was historic original footage of guys who fought in a war during Queen Victoria's reign. (They were about 97 at the time of the interview).

I still can't believe that CTV could chuck an important piece of history into the bin...Bastards!

Please allow lots of time for the videos to load up the blue line.

FYI, please check out the WADE FAMILY HISTORY at my son Adam's site...

"It is a sordid account of wanton disregard for human values and great skill at wrecking ships off the Cornish coast since 1137 AD. ;-)"

(We love it. Adam Wade is continuing the job done by Jean Wade of Yakima WA. and Arthur Wade of Trevalga Cornwall England, who have done a fantastic job of research over a period of 80 years)

My eldest son Markus, is motorcycling around the world...Check out his travels and adventures...He's in South America at the moment.

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